5 Main Tips For Staying Safe When Travelling Solo

Have you ever considered going on a solo trip?

Solo travel has several advantages, including the ability to explore new locations at your own without having to wait for or catch up with travel partners.

It’s natural to be worried or uncomfortable with the idea of traveling alone, especially if you’re going to a foreign place where you may know no one. But, there are a few practical strategies to keep yourself secure while traveling alone.

Here are some suggestions to help you be more cautious and feel secure when traveling alone:

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Make an Emergency Plan

In an ideal world, you’ll never have to cope with a medical emergency, an accident, or a robbery while traveling. However, knowing where to go in the event of an awful situation is crucial. Before you travel, do some research on surrounding hospitals, police stations, and other emergency services. Learn emergency phrases in the local language if you’re traveling internationally so you can ask for assistance if you need it.

Before you depart, check with your doctor or a travel clinic to make sure you’re up to date on your vaccinations. Bring a supply of any prescription medications you may require, as well as face masks, hand sanitizer, and items to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other disease-carrying pests, when packing.

Make sure to have your health info written somewhere in your backpack in case you’ll need help from others.

Carry a map or download the map of the area in case you don’t have access to the internet, and study the map and the locations you want to visit beforehand.

Arrive during the day if possible. In daylight, an unsafe area is more visible. However, there are other compelling reasons to arrive during daylight hours. You’ll have more time to find your lodging, and if you don’t like it, you’ll have more time to find something else.

Carry a whistle in case you need to draw attention to yourself and scare away any unwanted attention.

Save the necessary numbers into your phone, such as your hotel’s phone number, the consulate office for your government, the local police number, etc.

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Get Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and the money you’ve put into your trip from any unwanted circumstances. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance can help you get reimbursed for covered losses such as those caused by bad weather, natural disasters, certain illnesses, etc. Other types of travel insurance can help cover unexpected medical and evacuation costs, as well as losses caused by baggage delays, theft, and other factors.

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Keep your valuables safe

When you go out, simply bring what you need, such as your phone, a credit card, cash, an ID, and a copy of your passport. Place these in a safe bag that you can see at all times. You should also keep a photocopy of your passport in case the original is lost or stolen in an emergency. Keep the copy in a safe, separate location from where you keep your original passport. Also, consider leaving a copy with a friend or family member who lives far away. When taking trains, buses, or other modes of transportation, it’s also crucial to stay attentive and keep your possessions close.

If you don’t need it with you while roaming around, keep extra cash, jewelry, your actual passport, and other critical documents in the hotel safe.

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Stay connected by sharing your travel plans with trusted family or friends.

Send a family member or friend back home your vacation itinerary, hotel reservation information, and details of any scheduled activities. Also, let the hotel staff know where you’re going and when you anticipate to return before going on any solo excursions.

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Make sure to avoid Reckless Behavior

Pay attention to the others around you at all times, including not blasting your headphones while you’re alone.

Always keep your drinks in your line of sight and don’t drink too much. Going somewhere alone with a stranger is not a good idea.

If you don’t feel safe outside, go to a public place like a restaurant or join a large group of people. If someone asks if you’re alone, tell them you’re waiting to meet someone soon.

When sharing your location on social media, be cautious. We all like to keep our friends and family up to speed on our locations, but be cautious about sharing your specific location on social media. To keep your whereabouts safe, wait an hour or two after you depart to post it.

Plan your budget wisely. This goes without saying but we may feel more generous when we’re exploring a new place, and we may not understand we’re spending our money. Your money is your insurance to safety and medical support, so make sure to plan your purchases and spendings, not to run out of your money in a foreign land.

Stay safe and enjoy traveling!

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