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Founded in 2020 at times of Covid-19, Pointship focused on finding a solution to the expiry of travel rewards (e.g. airline miles, hotel points, lounge access).

Our founders and stakeholders are longtime executives of multinational companies, with deep knowledge and experience in Digital Transformation, Loyalty Platforms, Airlines, Telecoms and Hospitality.

Founded in Estonia, we aim to contribute as well as leverage on its vast digital ecosystem. We are a tech company holding innovation at its core and our teams are working with agile methodologies to adapt to the trends in the markets we currently operate.

Pointship, the new generation travel platform, a marketplace where members can share their unused travel rewards with others’. You can list and share your rewards, or you issue a travel order to others and save on travel costs by up to 60%.

So why Pointship?

We realized the need for a way to benefit from all the accumulated and unused rewards we own.

You, as a member of any loyalty program are the ultimate owner of the reward and it should be your decision what to do with your rewards, avoiding any possibility of expiry.

Basically, if you don’t have any plans to travel, your rewards expire at some point, therefore you either have to book an unplanned trip at the last minute, or buy products you don’t need. We believe there could be a better way and that’s what inspired us to build Pointship, a peer-to-peer platform to share your benefits and earn cash, where registration and listings of any rewards are totally free!

All financial transactions are via reputable and secure payment services and no personal information is shared among members, other than those to issue a booking.

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