Apps to Kill Time at the Airport

Some find airports and waiting for flights to be very boring. We guarantee that you will have a nice time at the airport thanks to these apps.


Earn money while you’re traveling! Glocalzone is a platform that connects shoppers and travelers. Shoppers make a request for the traveler to bring products from abroad. This way, travelers can earn while traveling and shoppers can get the products they don’t have in their country. Make sure to download Glocalzone and check if there’s any shopper requests!


Moovit is an app that shows you all the public transportation vehicles, their time, destination and lots of other important information when you’re trying to find your way in a brand new city. It is crucial if you’re planning to use public transportation. Don’t get lost! Download Moovit, check your way to your accommodation from the airport and plan your transportation ahead.


Learn some words and phrases to wherever you’re traveling! Duolingo is an app for language learning and it uses gamification (badges, ingots etc.) and colorful yet simple images to make the learning process as fun as it gets! You can easily learn a few phrases while you’re waiting at the airport to communicate better after you land.


Reading a book is an excellent way to spend time at the airport. But if you like roaming around the airport and curious to explore duty free shops, we recommend to listen to a book while walking around! Storytel is a great app that has hundreds of audio-books. You may even find some celebrities you like, reading the book to you. You don’t have to sit still and bury yourself in a book at the airport! Make the most of your time there, while listening to an audio-book, instead of the announcement lady every 10 seconds.

Peak Brain Training

Peak is an app consisting lots of different games for different purposes. It helps you to train your brain, your memory and analytical thinking. You can see your reports and success rate and try to improve your brain activity. We recommend you to give it a try instead of the billion games that waste your time playing them.


Nervous before the flight? Try meditating at the airport. You don’t have to close your eyes and lay down to meditate. You can relax and listen to a guided meditation on Headspace to calm your nerves before your flight, or to just isolate yourself from the airport atmosphere.

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