Countries You Can Experience the Wonderful Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known as the ‘Aurora Borealis, are lights seen above the magnetic poles of the northern hemisphere. These lights appear in many colors, although they are most commonly seen in pale green, blue, and purple. Who can say no to seeing such beautiful lights? If you want to see these lights with your own eyes, you can experience this natural wonder closely with our list of countries where the Northern Lights are seen.

Best Places to See the Northern Lights

Whichever of the Northern Lights countries you choose, you should choose a dark night for the best viewing experience. Therefore, it is recommended to visit these countries between November and March. But you should know that the Northern Lights may not be seen every night. So what are the best places to see these lights?


Canada ranks first in our list of countries where the Northern Lights are seen. While Canada may seem like a distant route to see these lights, the result will definitely be worth the journey once you get to the Yukon region.

Yukon is a vast and still very undeveloped and wild region with towns and villages. Your trip to this region will increase your chances of seeing the lights while also allowing you to see some of the extraordinary views.

Northern lights 2


Finland has more opportunities than Northern Lights countries. In the northeast, destinations such as Nellim, Muotka, Saariselkä, Menesjärvi and Inari, the heart of Sami culture, are all extremely popular with light watchers.

While visiting Finland between November and March, you should definitely visit the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi in the Lapland region! Check out our article for more information about this magical place:


One of the most beautiful places to see the Northern Lights, Sweden is also home to one of the first ice hotels in history. Even Sweden’s starry sky is as beautiful as the lights. Also, Sweden is a beautiful country to travel to, rather than just a place to go to see the Northern Lights.


Norway’s northern regions lie within the Arctic circle, and the long nights of winter make the lights easy to see. The town of Tromsø is a popular place for light watchers to visit. Sometimes you can even see city lights in the distance.


If you want to go to one of the most affordable places among the countries where the Northern Lights can be seen, you should look no further than Iceland. This is one of the most popular and accessible places to see the lights. Apart from the lights, there is also a lot to learn about geysers, volcanoes and the land of blue ice.

Reykjavik is also popular with light watchers who base themselves in the city and head into the dark on nightly tours or rental cars. Sometimes you can even see the lights in the city, especially in the forest of Oskjuhlid. But moving away from bright lights will help you see the lights.

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Greenland is another country you can choose to see the lights. In fact, this is one of the traditional places to see the lights. Despite being a little far from the Arctic Circle, you will definitely enjoy some of the clearest views of the lights in this country.

Moreover, light pollution is minimal in rural Greenland. If you visit during the winter months, you have a very good chance of seeing the lights wherever you are. While the lights can be seen from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland; Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut are also some of the places you can go to see the lights. If you don’t like the sharp cold, South Greenland might be a better option for you.


The lights can be seen anywhere in Scotland when the weather conditions are right. The northernmost peaks of Shetland, Orkney, Harris, Lewis, and Skye are constantly visited as they are the best areas to see the lights. Other good places to try your luck are Caithness, Scotland’s northernmost tip, and Cairngorms National Park.

northern lights


Lights are frequently seen in the northern parts of Ireland, which is among the countries where the Northern Lights are seen.


Alaska, the northernmost part of the USA, and its vast white-snow wilderness landscape are a great way to let the glimmer of light reach you. But since Alaska is not as close to the North Pole as Norway, you have to go to this place in pitch-dark winters. In this respect, Christmas time is the best time to see the lights.


Denmark, the last country on our list of countries with the Northern Lights, allows you to see the lights on nice evenings.

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