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Pointship is a Digital Assets Marketplace where members can share their travel rewards, gaming credits and event tickets with other members of the community.

Yes, absolutely. All financial transactions are via reputable and secure payment service providers (PayPal and 3D Secure) and no personal information is shared among members other than those to issue the reward.
To be able to share and earn from your rewards, you need to create a profile. Therefore you need to become a member, same for ordering a reward. Pointship membership is totally free.

Everybody. Those who have rewards and would like to utilize them in terms of cash and those who would like to save cost.

Pointship is a secure platform providing its members two advantages; those who have rewards can turn them into cash, others can benefit from affordable options.

Just download the Pointship app for your IOS or Android phone.

In the app you just need to enter the amount of miles/points you’d like to list on Pointship, the minimum amount you are willing to share per order, your asking price per 1.000 miles/points, and provide proof of your account. There is guidance on the app to make this process simple and easy for you.

With the current release of Pointship you cannot change or cancel your flight tickets online, our teams are working to make this feature happen very soon.

You will be directed to PayPal or your Credit Card provider to make the payment.

If you hold a valid ticket and your flight gets cancelled, you need to contact the Pointship Support Team. We will guide you through the process of either re-issuing to another date or refund. Our teams are working hard to make this automated for you.
Simply, search for the flight you would like to order and if there is another member sharing their rewards on that specific airline, then you will be directed to the next step and proceed with your order.
You just need to enter your phone number and will receive a code to access Pointship. Once you are in, please complete the registration.
Just go to the Programs section on Pointship and unlist the related program.

Pointship registration and listings of any rewards are totally free.

To make the transactions safe and secure for everyone and to avoid any such dispute, 50% of the order price will be transferred to your account right after the order is done, the remaining will be secured by Pointship until the flight is completed and will be transferred to your account within 24 hours after the flight.
Until you arrive at your destination, Pointship secures your funds. Reward Owners do not receive the full payment until the flight is completed. Only then, within 24 hours the full payment will be transferred to their account. This is in order to avoid any dispute among the members.
Yes, you can create multiple passengers. Simply, save the passenger information while making the order request.
Simply, go to Balance and Withdrawal, create a Withdraw Profile with your bank details and initiate the withdrawal process anytime you like.

“Pending Income” is the amount you make for sharing your rewards, however, the total is not on your account since the flight is not completed yet.

“Available Balance” is the amount available to you for withdrawal.

“Withdraw in Progress” is the amount you already initiated to be transferred to your bank account.

You can review all the history under Withdraw History.

Please do so! Your friend gets a 10% off on the service fee of their first order, that %10 will be credited to your account. Just go to Invite and Earn on your Profile, use your link you’ll see on the screen, and invite them by tapping “Invite Friends Now”.

We have multi-language support and will be introducing new languages on a regular basis.

You need to become a member of Pointship and list your rewards. When you receive an order, matching your price requirements, you need to issue the requested flight using your own miles/points. Pointship will provide you all necessary passenger information to issue the ticket. Once you have issued the ticket, simply provide the ticket number and/or PNR. You will be able to enter such details as well as additional notes – if required – on the Orders Tab within Pointship.

Simply place an order and make the payment on Pointship, for your desired trip. Your order will be routed to another member, who will issue your ticket using their miles/points. By using reward flight tickets, you can save up to 60% on flight costs.

There are always possibilities that no seats might be available at the time of ticket issuance, such cases might be rare if you place your requests in advance. If a Reward Owner rejects or does not complete your request, Pointship directs your request to another member.

The current version of Pointship only allows one-way tickets, however our teams are working to make additional features to be available very soon.

You can easily find this information on your selected airline’s loyalty program’s webpage or app.

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