Frequent Flyer Programs 101

Frequent flyer programs can help you save on flights and minimize your travel expenses. Use them correctly and you’ll save a ton of money and use them on experiences at your destination.

It is very exciting to collect some miles/points and fly far away with a very small budget. Frequent flyer programs (FFPs) are simply airlines’ loyalty programs. Almost a gamification, this system keeps you flying with the same airline and you will save on flight costs. However, there are a lot of rules to these programs and they can be very confusing at times.

What are airline FFP rewards?

Airline miles, also known as frequent flyer miles or travel points, are loyalty programs offered by airlines and credit cards. The word “miles” does not refer to the amount of miles you’ve travelled, rather how much you spend on your flight is far more important. You earn points for your purchases, those points add up and you get flights or privileges in return..

Almost every  major airline have loyalty programs. Basically, if you prefer an airline, you get rewards (miles or points) to redeem for free flights, upgraded seats and other privileges. These loyalty programs are free to sign up for. The more you fly with the airline, the more rewards you earn and the chance to redeem your rewards to a free flight increases. The key word here is “loyalty”. These programs are created to keep the members using the same airline rather than booking with others.

You can also get an airline credit card and earn rewards without even flying. The more you shop using the card, the more miles/points you earn.

What can I do with my rewards?

First of all, after you earn your rewards, it is important to use them before they expire. Most airline FFPs have expiration dates (usuallly its end of the year) or your rewards will get lost if your account is not active. In some cases all you need to do is complete a survey, join an email list or transfer 100 miles in or out of the account to reset the clock.

With your Frequent Flyer Program rewards, you can get free flights, upgrade your seats, priority check-in, complimentary checked baggage, better award-seat availability, discounted and waived fees and other benefits. You can also shop with your earned rewards and purchase the items listed on your airline’s FFP webpage.

Keep in mind that you can earn miles on any carrier in the alliance, and redeem them on any other carrier. Check your FFP webpage to see which airlines you can redeem your rewards to.

With Pointship, you can share your miles with other members on the platform and earn.

Pointship is a peer-to-peer platform where members can share their travel rewards such as; unused miles/points, hotels rewards, lounge access rights with other members in the community.

Pointship is a secure platform providing its members two advantages. Those who have travel rewards can turn them into cash. Others looking for travel can benefit from cheaper options.

In the App you just need to create the frequent flyer program where you have miles/points from an airline. Enter the Total Amount of miles/points you own, the minimum miles/points amount you are willing to share, your asking price per 1.000 miles and provide a proof of your account. 

To withdraw your money from Pointship, simply go to Balance and Withdrawal, create a withdrawal profile with your bank details and initiate the withdrawal process anytime you like.

All financial transactions are via reputable and secure payment service providers (PayPal and 3D Secure) and no personal information is shared among members other than those to issue the reward.

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