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Pointship is a Digital Assets Marketplace for loyalty rewards, game credits and event tickets. Our vision is to turn all kinds of digital assets into NFTs and enable the exchange with tokens.

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Pointship is a marketplace providing its members the chance to interact with each other and exchange their rewards & benefits.

Safe & Secure

No personal information is shared between its members during transactions, other than the necessary to issue the order request.

Rating Mechanism

Pointship maintains a rating mechanism based on members responsiveness and interactions on the platform.

Easy to Use

Pointship provides its members the possibility to list their unused rewards in a few simple steps and for others a simple search mechanism to get great deals on flights, hotel bookings and event tickets.


Pointship is a platform on latest mobile technologies with blockchain.

100% Payment Guarantee

Pointship guarantees its members’ full refund if a order request cannot be fulfilled by the other member.


What is Pointship?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pointship is a new generation travel platform where members can share their travel rewards with other members of the community.

Yes, absolutely. All financial transactions are via reputable and secure payment service providers (PayPal and 3D Secure) and no personal information is shared among members other than those to issue the reward.
To be able to share and earn from your rewards, you need to create a profile. Therefore you need to become a member, same for ordering a reward. Pointship membership is totally free.
Everybody. Those who have travel rewards and would like to utilize them in terms of cash and those who would like to make a saving on their next trip.
Pointship is a secure platform providing its members two advantages; those who have travel rewards can turn them into cash, others looking for travel can benefit from cheaper options.
Just download the Pointship app for your IOS or Android phone.

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