Vacation Packing Guide

How to Pack a Suitcase for Vacation

Preparing a vacation suitcase may seem simple, but preparing the appropriate suitcase for your trip is very important. Doing this right will make it easier for you to have a comfortable and hassle-free holiday. At this stage, suitcase preparation tips will help you.

Holiday Packing Tips

The length of your trip, the weather, and the non-standard clothing you may need are the most important aspects to consider when packing for a vacation. The first step in preparing a holiday suitcase is choosing between suitcase or hand luggage, and then determining how much clothing you will need based on this decision.

If you’re packing a more minimal suitcase, you can focus on choosing clothes in more neutral colors. Because neutral colors are compatible with every combination and space and allow you to wear the clothes more than once.

In addition, multi-use bandages, hats, wrinkle-resistant shirts, quick-drying sportswear and underwear, daily sports shoes, and compressible coats are among the products you can choose from during the preparation of your holiday suitcase. However, depending on the type of trip you are making, you may need to take personal items with you. Here are some vacation packing tips for all types of travel:

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Choose your clothes in advance

You should choose your clothes in advance in order not to put the clothes you don’t plan to wear in your suitcase by saying “maybe I will”. Because it is important to save the limited space of your suitcase. This is an important piece of advice in packing tips. In order to achieve this, you must determine in advance what you will wear every day and create different clothes and combinations.

Fold Your Clothes in Rolls

A good way to prevent wrinkles and make the most of your space is to use the roller method. To do this, lay your tops face down, fold the arms and roll them from the bottom up. To fold your trousers into rolls, bring the legs together and roll them down from the waist. After folding everything into a roll, place the trousers and tops in your suitcase before the shoes and accessories.

Choose Travel-Friendly Fabrics

It is recommended that you always choose travel-friendly knit and stretchy fabrics during the preparation of your holiday suitcase. Because even if these fabrics are wrinkled, the wrinkles will be smoothed out when you wear them. Also, woven fabrics (like linen or cotton) are more prone to wrinkling, and choosing these fabrics as little as possible will save you the trouble of ironing.

Put your favorite/needed clothes on top

If you are going to get off the plane and go directly to dinner or a meeting, you should plan your outfit in advance and put it in your suitcase last. This way, when you arrive at your hotel, you don’t have to search the whole suitcase to find the outfit you want or love. This holiday packing strategy is also a great excuse not to make one of the biggest mistakes. Because it is important that you do not wait until the last minute to collect your belongings.

Put Heavy Items to the Bottom

You should keep heavier items such as shoes and books at the wheeled end of your suitcase. This placement helps keep your suitcase stable when upright and prevents other items from being crushed.

Don’t Go Overboard

While it may be tempting to leave room in your suitcase for souvenirs, the extra space means items can slip, crumple or break. That’s why you can fill the empty spaces with various bags. It is also important not to overdo it. Because this can put you in a difficult position when repackaging on the way home.

Prepare A Bag For the Liquids

You should store the liquids you want to carry in your suitcase in a separate, transparent bag. So you can easily pass through security. Also, don’t forget the 3-1-1 fluid rule. Products must be 100 grams or less and all fit in the one-liter bag.

Don’t Forget Your Medications

You should make sure to bring essential essentials with you, such as medicines, lenses, and other items that you may not be able to take or change during your trip. If you forget something important like a toothbrush or razor, you can usually get a new one at the hotel reception. But it’s important to make sure you take hard-to-buy items, such as medicines, with you.

Carry an Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

It’s okay to get a water bottle through airport security, as long as it’s empty. At this stage, you can fill your water after entering the terminal by carrying a nature-friendly water flask. You should definitely take a look at the foldable flasks.

Make Use of the Inside of Your Shoes

One of the simplest suggestions for packing a vacation suitcase is to take advantage of the small space in your shoes. You can put socks and accessories on your shoes. This is a life-saving tip for you during the packing phase.

Use Inside Your Hat

While preparing your holiday suitcase, you can also take a hat with you and evaluate the inside of the hat. You can put small items and socks in the hat.

Use Ziplock Bags

One of the most important things to know about vacation packing is handling liquids. You can use ziplock bags to prevent the bottle from spilling or breaking during the transportation of the liquid product.

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Things To Do Before Going On Vacation

Although packing is important before going on vacation, there are other actions you should take besides packing. If you do all these, you can enjoy a stress-free, beautiful and fun holiday.

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Review Booking

You should double-check all your reservations. If you do not want to encounter any last-minute surprises, it is important to review the reservation for your flight, hotel, rental car, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other services you have planned.

Check Weather

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but many people forget to check the weather forecast before going on vacation. Therefore, you should check the weather conditions for your destination and pack accordingly.

Inform your relatives

Before going on vacation, informing your relatives and friends, who will be contacted in case of emergency, about your travel plans will help you when faced with a potential problem.

Organize Your Wallet

Going through your wallet and removing items you don’t need on your trip is as important as packing a vacation suitcase. At this stage, you can leave gift cards, extra credit cards, and other unnecessary items at home.

Carry Cash

Carrying cash with you when you go on vacation can save you from many possible situations. Because, for example, you may not be able to find an ATM in your area at that moment, or credit cards may not be accepted in the store where you will buy souvenirs. In order to avoid such situations, it is important to carry cash with you at all times.

See Internet Access Points

Looking at internet access points will help you in cases where your internet package runs out. However, public WiFi in public areas can pose a risk to cell phone security. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not perform transactions that require you to enter your personal information, especially in such locations.

How to pack a suitcase for vacation

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